Around our first anniversary, BeachBoy and I took a trip to this lovely bed and breakfast in Savannah.  I instantly fell in love with the look and feel of the grass cloth wallpaper.  It had the most beautiful sheen, and it turned the room into a quiet retreat.  






I’m drawn to using grass cloth in the master bedroom to contrast with the crispness of the wainscoting and trim.  I’ve always loved the idea of having a gallery wall of black and white photos in over-sized white mats and frames in our room, and I think they’d look great against the grass cloth.  


As I searched for swatches today, this one caught my eye.  

floral-grasscloth-from-design-your-wallI don’t usually make use of florals, but it’s quite lovely.  I’m torn between a screen print like this one and a solid like below.